Yoga Burn With Zoe Bray-Cotton!

Yoga Burn With Zoe Bray-Cotton!
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Hey everyone! Welcome to my site. I have just USD/JPY purchased Yoga Burn (watch here) from Zoe and I’ll be reviewing it and posting the comprehensive assessment here. I also would like to invite others to comment here if they have tried this program before and what their experiences were.

Yoga Burn mainly focuses on yoga for losing weight and getting a flat belly. Aside from that, it is also important to note that Zoe Bray-Cotton is excellent at sharing tips regarding safety to prevent injuries and also how to minimize stress by lowering cortisol levels during your yoga exercises.

Let’s take a look at whether yoga does actually help promote weight loss:

Her Yoga Secrets For Weight Loss –  How Does It Work?

Namaste welcome signFor a long time now, yoga has been gaining popularity and is now practiced in virtually all parts of the world. However, a majority of people still perceive the practice as a tool that offers spiritual elevation alone.

Did you know that yoga can be used to promote weight loss? And the best part is that the practice not only helps you lose weight but also restores your body’s health in a very short time.

Yoga Burn For Beginners To Lose Weight

In this article, you will learn more on how you can use yoga to burn fat and ultimately lose weight, look more radiant, and feel much better. As such, the article will focus mainly on ways through which yoga facilitates weight loss. You will also learn about a few key yoga poses as well as tips that will assist you in getting started the right way. Let’s go!


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How Yoga Facilitates Burning of Fat and Weight Loss

Yoga keeps your body and mind relaxed

Most people argue that obesity is a result of excess calories in the body. Surprisingly, being overweight can oftentimes be brought about by a lack of balance in your life. For instance, excessive stress can be a key factor in weight gain. This is because stress stimulates your body to release excess adrenaline and cortisol.

These two hormones are used as signals by your body that alert it to take action. In most cases, that action entails storage of fat. Yoga you can help to melt this fat away thereby leaving your body feeling more rejuvenated and healthier.

Yoga Burn facilitates body detoxification

Do you know that high toxicity in your body can result in obesity? Yes, when your liver and the kidneys are intoxicated, they stop functioning properly.

kidney-functionThis implies that some substances fail to pass through them which can have detrimental effects on your health, such as kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. However, you should not worry much since practicing yoga can help the organs regain their optimal functioning. Good teachers will advise you to breathe deeply which is an integral part in detoxification.

Yoga helps maintain the right pH by alkalizing the body

When your body becomes too acidic, it develops a mechanism to fight the acidity. Then it resorts to converting carbs to fat and storing most of the fat consumed which then acts as a buffer. How dangerous can this be to your health? If this fat accumulates inside organs or in the blood vessels, it can lead to fatal illnesses such as the heart diseases. Therefore, the body’s pH is a crucial part of your overall vitality. Your body pH should be about 7.35 and yoga can help you attain and maintain that.

Stretching and strengthening muscles for passive fat burning

Being active is paramount when it comes to weight loss. With these specific yoga techniques, the poses make you burn calories and can result in shortening or lengthening of your muscles. Muscles tend to consume fat quite fast and consistently. Therefore, if you can make them strong and stimulate them regularly, they will consume  fat even when you’re at rest.

That’s the reason why strengthening your muscles is such an important part of any weight loss program. Yoga just makes it fun, relaxing, and very physically rewarding if done correctly.

Yoga raises your heart rate

The misconception that jogging is the best way to lose weight has been around for quite sometime. However, researchers say that getting your heart rate up through jogging can stress the nervous system which might lead to adrenal fatigue. For this reason, they recommend raising heart rate quickly and lowering it quickly (like short interval training). There is no reason to keep your heart rate up for extended periods of time (like 20 or 30 minutes).

The 60/20/5/3 rule

Just spiking your heart rate for 20 seconds on and 60 seconds off for a total of 5 minutes 3 times per week is all you need to do to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Incorporating this into your yoga routine

This can be achieved perfectly by practicing yoga. For example, you can start in a standing position on your yoga mat. Try two or three slow rounds of Surya Namaskar then resume to standing before connecting with your heart with the palms together and with the eyes closed for a moment. Do this again at a little faster pace for a few more rounds to raise your heart rate to the optimum level. This is not only easy to perform but also offers amazing results.

Lets look at some example poses you will quickly master soon after joining the program:

Example Yoga Poses That Help You Burn Fat Fast

  1. Crescent

Crescent Moon PoseThis is purely for firming up the hips, thighs and abs. Try standing with your feet together, arms at the sides, and put your toes forward. Breathe in then raise your arms overhead trying to reach the ceiling. Breathe out and bend in front from hips then touch the floor with your hands. Inhale and as you breathe out and try to step with your right leg at the back into a lunge. Inhale and raise your arms overhead while gazing forward. Hold it and repeat the procedure while stepping the left leg back.

  1. Rocking boat

Rocking boat poseSit while your knees remain bent, your feet on the floor, then put your hands on the thighs. Ensure that your torso remains straight and keeps your body in line with the body. Lean forward to make your back at an angle of 45% with your legs as you try to raise your feet and have your calves stay parallel to the floor. As you inhale, extend your arms while keeping legs held firmly together. Breathe in and out as you lower your torso and legs. Do the exercise at least five times.

Then turn around on your belly and try to grab your ankles with your hands (as seen in the above image) to stretch out your abdominal muscles.

7 Actionable Tips To Help You Get Started With Yoga

  1. It’s recommended that you practice the techniques in a room that doesn’t have mirrors. This helps you focus more on the internal experience rather than an outer performance.
  2. Yoga involves mastering movements. Therefore, try to master even the tiniest micro movement when practicing it.
  3. Once you feel exhausted, get some rest.
  4. If possible, try combining yoga practice with a positive self-talk. Avoid negative talks and ensure that you praise your inner goodness.
  5. Follow the specified yoga schedule by Zoe and stick to it faithfully.
  6. Understand that yoga works for the well-being of the whole body and not just for weight loss. As such, it will help you develop other qualities like patience, wisdom, gratitude, kindness and discipline.
  7. Try watching the DVD’s or videos before beginning the poses. They will help motivate you and keep you going, but also, you’ll know what moves to do just from Zoe’s voice without looking at the screen.



Yoga Burn is all about expressing your inner being. And when you feel good about yourself, losing weight becomes easier. So, instead of taking supplements that claim to burn fat, you can enjoy life more fully with yoga that offers a host of benefits other than just losing weight and burning fat. 

I highly recommend this program for any woman wanting to lose weight as long as they are healthy enough to do the exercises. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

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(they have a 60 day 100% refund guarantee) 

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    1. They are DVDs which hold significantly more video than CDs. All the videos are on just those 3 DVDs so it makes it easier. I hope that helps? You can also always access your videos online.

    1. Hi Gloria,

      That’s a good question. You can take it at your own pace and see how it goes. Age is just a number so it really just depends on your physical abilities. Just remember that there is a 60-day refund guarantee so you can always try it out, and if it doesn’t work, get a full refund. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Natalie, I would recommend asking your doctor first because it depends on the type of surgery you had done on your lower back.

  1. Hi, Im 53 and i ve been looking for something like this to practice Yoga from home.. Excited, but little afraid this won’t be for me… I can only see pretty young girls in la presentacion video… Wondering if it would do something good for me…

    1. Hey Zulema,

      Absolutely this will work for someone at 53 years old. You can take it as slow and steady as you need to. The Foundational Flow phase (first phase) is designed for any beginner to start at their own pace. You can repeat the first phase as many times as you need until you feel ready enough to continue.

  2. Hi, I recently purchased your dvd, which is great, however I live in the uk and for the last two months a company called Clickbank keeps taking money from my account they say I agreed to a subscription with them, I was not aware of this all I did was purchase your DVD and feel some how this so said agreement was linked to your web site, can you help me at all with this, I would be grateful for a reply many thanks

  3. I’d like to try this but will need subtitles since I am deaf. Do you know if it’s captioned or has subtitles? Thanks!

  4. Hi, I lead a busy lifestyle like most women, working and have 2 children. Is this a daily programme? Or best done a couple of times a week/ weekly?
    Thank you

    1. Hey Tracey,

      It is done 3 times per week. There are 3 videos per phase. Each phase is done for 3 months. The videos are about 45 min long, and so you would do video 1, video 2, and video 3 each week. When you have finished the 3 months, you would go to the next phase and watch those 3 videos each week. So it is about 2 hours to 2 hours 15 min every week. Once you’re done with the final phase, you can just continue to repeat that phase if you want to continue losing weight or keep the weight off 🙂 Does that make sense?

  5. Can you tell me exactly the pieces we purchase? Hoe many cds and videos,elapsed time of each one and general a thorough analysis of each one?II understood that all of this full package ends on 3 videos of 45 min session?

    1. Hey,

      You can choose to purchase digital access or digital access plus the DVDs. The DVDs are simply the same videos as in the digital version, but you get them on discs you can play in any DVD player. Please watch the review video at the top of this page where it shows you all the details. Also, everything is explained in my article below the video of the different phases and corresponding videos to watch.

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